Church Sacraments Training and Resources

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Church Sacraments Training & Resources

As you prepare for a Sacrament, the Diocese offers some resources to help your preparation. Below you will find some structured courses that might be of help. More resources can be found on the resource page for each sacrament at

Online pre-cana consists of four videos and reflections online, followed by a conversation with someone at your parish. You will explore the spirituality and sacramentality of marriage and prepare to enter into a true vocation with God’s grace.  To view this course, please click here.

Being asked to be a Godparent is a true honor. Through 3 videos, explore what it means to accept this role and help the newly baptized grow in the grace of the Sacrament. Congratulations on being asked to be a Godparent! This course will walk you through what that means and what expectations come with it. To view this course, please click here.