Discover the history, beauty, spirituality and accomplishments of the Catholic Church, founded by Jesus Christ more than 2,000 years ago. This is the Catholic Church. Welcome home.

Catholics Come Home

A website, created by the Archdiocese of Louisville, for people interested in the Catholic faith. It’s designed for those who have stepped away from the church and those new to the faith. The site features five Catholics who describe their experiences with the church. The five featured people have varied experiences. The site also features a “prayer request button” where people can submit a special intention.

Catholic Seekers

Renowned catechetical author Michael Pennock poses and then briefly answers 210 questions that are essential to understanding the basics of Catholicism. The Seeker’s Catechism addresses such questions as:

  • What is divine revelation?
  • What is grace?
  • What does a sacrament do?
  • Why confess our sins?

This resource is ideal for adults or teens interested in becoming Catholic through RCIA, preparing for Confirmation, returning to the Church, or simply wanting to begin a closer examination of the faith.

The Seeker’s Catechism

For more than two thousand years, the Catholic Church has safeguarded and handed down to each generation the fullness of the Christian faith, making Jesus Christ present in every time and place and inviting all to know and follow Him.  We invite you to bring your questions to Jesus, confident that He will answer through the Church He left us.  Healing, forgiveness, and peace are available to you in the Catholic Church.  Jesus is knocking — will you answer?

Becoming Catholic