Preparation Resources: Eucharist

For Parents

The Eucharistic Celebration (i.e. the Mass) is the source and summit of our faith. This means it is both where we draw the energy to live our faith daily as well as the culmination of our prayers. The best preparation for your child’s first Communion is regularly attending Mass. Along with that, here are some resources that might help:

“Draw Near – A video Guide to the Catholic Mass” from the Archdiocese of Chicago:

“What is the Real Presence?” from Breaking in the Habit:

The Holy Eucharist – Source and Summit of our Faith posted by Ignite the Maronite 

For Children

The Eucharist may be a mystery, but young children can begin the journey towards understanding early. Here are some good resources for children:
(Note, this is 6 short videos in a playlist)

From the Pandemic Isolation

The Diocese produced a 4-session preparation that parishes could use with their families during the mandatory shutdown in 2020. While it is no longer a replacement for your parish preparation, families may find it helpful as additional activities as they prepare for this Sacrament:

Parent Guide
Childs Guide