First Communion Sessions for Families at Home during COVID-19 Isolation

To help parishes during this time of isolation, the Diocese is providing the following resource of four sessions to help families preparing for First Communion of a child. You will find a Parent Guide as well as a Child’s Journal. 

The sessions are:

  • The Mass
  • The Real Presence
  • The Community (Communion of Saints)
  • The Source and Summit of our faith


Parent Guide
     Each session is outlined with a video for you to watch before working with your child to set the stage for what you will be working on; a prayer; a video to watch with your child; an activity to do with your child; a time to reflect on the lesson in the journal. 

Child’s Journal
     The Child’s Journal is designed to help children learn and process the four teachings above. Your parish may wish to see a completed journal when you are finished. Check with your parish to see what they require