Year of the Family


1. Plan a celebration for the World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly on July 25. This is the first year of this new celebratory day begun by Pope Francis. Consider a blessing at Mass, a special acknowledgement for seniors in the parish, or the creation of resources in the Parish library for grandparents and faith-sharing. You might also consider a parish plan to provide outreach to a local nursing home or senior living facility that day!

2. Make a special effort to celebrate the vocation of Marriage. Consider hosting a special liturgy, gathering or speaker series for couples and provide a link to the @foryourmarriage website and newsletter from the USCCB

3. Provide a discussion group for parents during faith formation hours; focus this discussion time on building the domestic church and coaching parents in their role as primary catechists of their children.

4. Assist wounded families with the development of prayer and discussion support groups.

5. Host a family fun day or something as easy as ice cream after Mass to celebrate families this year!

6. Use the Google photo albums from the Office of E and C to create an evangelization campaign on social media.

7. Create family networks for prayer, sharing, and support within the parish to create a web of small Christian communities.

8. Host a special Family Mass or a series of family-focused prayer services.

9. Equip the domestic church with resources to build their faith lives at home. Think “habit matching” to help families pray more: grace at dinner, evening prayers, blessings over kids for milestone moments.

10. Create opportunities for family service.

Amoris Laetitia
Journey With Pope Francis as he explores the Family

Use these videos and guides to explore the Year of the Family with Pope Francis in small faith sharing groups of parents and grandparents. This is the first video and guide that offer prayers, questions for discussion and further activities.  

Additional Resources: