Grandparents are wonderful evangelizers and often the conduit to passing on the faith in their family as they encounter many opportunities to have a positive impact on the minds and hearts of their loved ones.

Grandparent Tips:  Evangelizers in Your Grandchildren’s Lives

Be involved in your grandchildren’s faith development. As a grandparent, you are a powerful role model; and you carry enormous influence in your family. Your values, actions, attitudes, words, and lifestyle all send important messages to your children and grandchildren. So, what can you do to ensure that you leave your grandchildren a meaningful spiritual inheritance?

  •    Let them hear you pray.
  •    Encourage them to form their own prayers at bedtime and mealtime.
  •    Make available age-appropriate spiritual materials.
  •    Read Bible stories to/with them.
  •    Share worship experiences with them when possible.
  •    Do service-oriented projects together.
  •    Answer all questions honestly.
  •    Model unconditional love.
  •    Encourage feelings of self-worth.
The Family Zone newsletter is a wonderful way for grandparents, who are passing down the faith to their grandkids, to engage in meaningful activities and conversation centered on our Catholic faith.

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