Examination of Conscience

Before celebrating the Sacrament of Penance, ask God for help to examine your conscience. Spend time reviewing your conduct in light of the commandments and the example of Christ. Be prepared to tell the priest the specific sins you have committed, and to the best of your ability, how many times you have committed them since your last confession.  Avoid generalizations and inform the priest of any relevant circumstances in which your sins were committed. 

Below are examples of different prayerful examinations of conscience that you can use as you prepare for your confession. 

Adult Examinations of Conscience
        From the US Bishops
        Penance Rite & examination of conscience
        Following the 10 Commandments as an Examination 
        From Loyola Press
        A Video Examination

Teen Examinations of Conscience
        Looking at my Responsibilities
        How to Make a Good Confession- From LifeTeen
        Using the 7 Principles of Catholic Social Teaching
        A Quiet Video Examination
        A Video Examination 

Children’s Examinations of Conscience 
        10 Commandments for Children
        From Catholic Parents Online 
        Family Examination of Conscience