Boy Scouting Religious Emblems

Religious Emblems for Boy Scouts of America

There are five youth Religious Emblems available through the National Committee of Catholic Scouting, NCCS. Two that can be earned by Cub Scouts, one of two that can be earned by Scouts BSA, and one that can be earned by Scouts BSA and Venturing crew members.

Light of Christ:

The Light of Christ emblem (grades 1-2) encourages Tiger Cubs and Wolf Cub Scouts to develop a personal relationship with Jesus. With active participation of the parent(s), the Scout comes to see Jesus as a real person and friend. Click on the Name of the emblem for more information.

Parvuli Dei (Little One of God):

The Parvuli Dei emblem (grades 3-5) is designed to help Bear and Webelo Cub Scouts become more aware of God’s presence in their daily lives, especially in their homes and communities. The program is performed with the assistance of the Scout’s parent(s).Click on the Name of the emblem for more information.

Ad Altare Dei (To the Altar of God):

The Ad Altare Dei emblem (grades 7-8) assists youth in Scouts BSA to develop a fully Christian way of life in their faith communities. The program is organized in steps based on the seven sacraments. Adherence to these sacraments is a primary means of developing spiritual growth. The Scout is assisted in the program by an approved religious emblem counselor. (See Religious Emblem Counselor Training Course; and the Counselor’s Guide for the Ad Altare Dei (AAD) Religious Emblem Program.) Click on the Name of the emblem for more information.

Pope Pius XII:

The Pope Pius XII emblem (grades 9 through age 20) is for those in Scouts BSA, Ventures, and Explorers. The program deals with church related ministries and vocations – avenues through which baptized persons commit themselves to serve humanity in obedience to God’s call within our Catholic faith community. Scouts, Ventures, and Explorers are assisted by an approved counselor or moderator. Click on the Name of the emblem for more information.

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