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The Dioceses of the United States are experiencing a three-year Eucharistic Revival. Click on the photos for some formation on the Mass.

Why Do We Call It “Mass?”

Developing a Liturgical Sense in Children
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  • Never disregard the value of a personal invitation
  • Recognize the complex schedules of your volunteers and think outside the box for meeting your needs with their time; be upfront about the time commitment
  • Communicate about filling a role on your team with excitement not desperation; it is a wonderful opportunity to share faith and help others to grow in relationship with Christ!
  • Affirm your volunteers’ willingness to serve and prepare them well for their role; no one wants to be in a position they don’t feel equipped for
  • Pray for and with your volunteers and help them to understand their amazing role in the Mission of Christ
  • Provide clear job descriptions
  • Communicate well and avoid making haphazard decisions that disrupt the normal flow of volunteering
  • Ask your volunteers to share their best mode of communication and make communication concise, brief and effective
  • Utilize their time well
  • Create a small Christian community among your volunteers

Joe Paprocki’s Catechist’s Journey 
Sharing the Journey of Teaching the Catholic Faith

The Catechetical Formation Series

Learning Session 1: Getting Started and Getting to Know Your Learners

In this session, catechists will learn the importance and benefits of long-range and short-range planning, as well as development, learning styles, and appropriate activities for each age group they catechize.

Learning Session 2: The Catechetical Process

In this session, catechists will gain an understanding of the four steps of the catechetical process, the eight components of the language of mystery, and how the two come together to help catechists achieve learning outcomes for each session.

Learning Session 3: Prayer and Leading Prayer

In this session, catechists will come to a deeper understanding of prayer. There will be a focus on how to lead others in prayer, including reflective, liturgical, spontaneous, and traditional prayer-styles.

Learning Session 4: Facilitation Skills and Handling Difficult Situations

In this session, catechists will learn how to handle difficulties that arise in catechetical situations. From maintaining discipline and responding to disciplinary concerns, as well as how to handle difficult situations that may require notifying others (i.e. the catechetical leader, the pastor, or parents).

Learning Session 5: What We Believe—The Creed

In this session, catechists will further develop their understanding of the basic beliefs of our Catholic faith, as well as an in-depth exploration of the Creed and its components.

Learning Session 6: What We Believe—The Sacraments

In this session, catechists will deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Catholic sacramental life and the Sacraments of Initiation, Healing, and Service of Communion.

Learning Session 7: What We Believe—The Moral Life

In this session, catechists will explore the concepts of human dignity, conscience, and sin, with a special emphasis on the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes. Catechists will also learn about the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

Learning Session 8: What We Believe—Prayer

In this session, catechists will pick up where we left off in Learning Session 3 as they deepen their understanding of prayer in all its forms and expressions. Catechists will also learn about the seven petitions of the Lord’s Prayer, the Liturgy of the Hours, and the Eucharistic Liturgy.

Learning Session 9: Understanding God’s Word—Scripture

In this session, catechists will further develop their foundational knowledge of the Word of God found in Scripture with an emphasis on learning how the Bible is put together, how to navigate it, how to locate passages and characters, and how to interpret what we read.

Learning Session 10: The Person of the Catechist

In this session, catechists will deepen their understanding of their vocation as a catechist and explore the unique spirituality of the catechist.

Franciscan University

The Office of Evangelization & Catechesis has partnered with the Catechetical Institute at Franciscan University to provide learning and training opportunities for catechists. Click on the icon above for more information.